-- Jim T., LaPorte, Indiana

"Remove the rock from your shoe . . . rather than learn to limp comfortably"

My rock has been my teeth and gums in my mouth, for years now; for which it had been a rock in my shoe it would have been polished over and over to only compare to a shiny star. Hello my name is Jim T. and have been blessed with this new art of dentistry that Mark Corn has pursued and refined for patients like me. Fearful of a dentist, office and chair and anything that goes with it. Growing up in the 1960's installed my fear for 35 plus years now, along with them deteriorating and unhealthy gums, with the many sleepless nights and tired feeling all the time. The most hurtful thing was not to truly smile, especially when I was told that I had a very funny and joker type personality.

You see in the 60's that drill went a humming and the smell of medicine without any on my tooth and the harsh tones of the dentist and assistants did me in from ever going. Not until last year I heard of Mark Corn and his type of sedating dentistry along with a truly fine and helpful staff did I even think about going back. I still suffered about 8 more months until I said, I am going to see what this is all about. I traveled and hour to get to his office, and now I wish I would of went sooner. Everything he and his staff states is true and honest and geared towards the patients. Fears or not, this is "THE" dentist office to have your dental work done. I chose the sedation dentistry and had 2 weeks til my daughters wedding. The results are; I couldn't be more satisfied; also what I admired is the picture of his children in the office and the family biography in his brochure. It relly made me feel safe and secure to know about him and his family and staff.

So my advice to all patients far or close, fearful or not get your teeth and gums back to health with Mark Corn and his staff.

- Jim T., LaPorte, Indiana

I have been sedated on two occasions and the first time I was anxiety ridden because I have Bi Polar illness and am afraid or anxious about almost anything so naturally I had my doubts. I also had not seen a dentist in many years. I could not have gone through what I had without this type of sedation. Before I knew it my husband was there to pick me up and it was all over.

My husband’s teeth were so bad he also went to Dr. Corn and was pleased with his new dentures because they didn’t look fake!

- Karin